Measures against counterfeiting and piracy

Judicial and extrajudicial measures for prevention of infringements of property rights - so that your rights and interests are protected.

IP Outsourcing Services

Complete and professional care of your intellectual property portfolios - so you can focus on your business.

Assistance in the event of injury to your rights

Competition is indeed actually a good thing .... But you have determined that third party to use your brand with an identical or at least very similar sign? Or copy a protected you design? And that product is also of poor quality and thus impairs the reputation of your products in the market? Using unfair means of competition may not be completed! exactly why you have your rights! So let's get professional advice also here to take action against the infringer of your patent rights.
- so that your rights and business interests are protected.

Advice in case of warnings

You have received a warning? And they shall sign a statement within a period? And a bill from the lawyer abmahnenden pay?
most cases, only a specialist in this area lawyer assess and advise what to do to the situation completely. Let so be sure to time . advise and let not pass idle time limits of Ignoring a warning is certainly the worst option: The repeatedly in various Internet forums empfohene "head-in-the-sand stuck" with the motto "I was not at all" or "may the the but not at all" leads with certainty rather an aggravation of the situation.
too, you should on the other hand give no presented here have cease and desist if you do not know exactly what you're doing and about what you commit to.
- so you know exactly what to do - and what not.

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