Development of application strategies

Our goal: Effective planning and implementation of the application and registration of intellectual property rights at home and abroad.

From the variety of IP protection possibilities on a national, international or the EU-community level, we are searching for the most effective and cost effective way in order to get the maximum of IP protection out of your budget.

Of course, you will get a cost estimate beforehand so that you know what cam be done with your budget - and what cannot be done. This means budget oriented and efficient use of your resources.

Provisional refusals of International Applications (WIPO)

Legal consulting and representation in case of provisional refusals of protection of International Trademark Applications (WIPO) issued by the national TM Offices of Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein or by OHIM in Alicante

Trade mark renewals and patent annuity payments

Organizing and monitoring the timely payment of regular fees that incur for the maintenance of your IP Rights - so you get your rights will remain.

Availability searches (identity and similarity searches)

In most countries you are a trademark registration no so-called "positive right of use". Also check the trade mark offices, usually their own brand existence not by itself, so "ex officio", let alone the commercial register at the existence of company names or other registers on the existence of older (brand) rights. This means that owners of older (brand) rights you may have challenged the use of your registered, but later registered trade mark for years to come - even if they have not filed an opposition against the registration of your brand within the corresponding objection period after the publication of your trademark application ! Therefore, it is highly recommended, the existence of prior rights to audit clarified already in submitting your application, inter alia, protect legal and commercial registers (company name) to possibly existing older and similar or identical rights of others at home and abroad - make a research regarding the perform actual availability (usability) of your planned character. Add to that the legal assessment of the research results, the so-called "legal opinion". - so you are spared unpleasant surprises as possible.

Implementation of the opposition and appeal procedures

Legal advice and representation in the relevant proceedings before courts and offices - ensuring that your interests and rights are also perceived there and enforced expert.

Collision Monitoring (TM Watch Service)

After the successful registration and entry in the register of your brands a monitoring of the relevant trade mark register should be performed on potentially disruptive new applications of third parties - because as already stated, to perform the vast majority of trademark offices by itself just not play "ex-officio" member-checking with respect to existing prior rights. - so that your rights can be defended in time.

Outsourcing Services

Complete and professional care of your intellectual property portfolios - so you can focus on your business.

Validation of EP patents Switzerland / Liechtenstein before IPI or in Germany before GPTO.

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